Obesity is a Lifelong Curse

According to a study by the National Institute for Health Research involving 278,982 men and women over a ten year period, just 1 in 12 men and 1 in 10 women were able to achieve even a small 5% reduction in their weight. Further 53% regained this weight within two years. Please take my Weight Management Survey and I will get back with my personal recommendations by email and phone.

Weight cycling or yoyo dieting was also a big problem for the obese as more than a third of the participants lost and gained weight many times over the decade long study.

The study examined the weight loss options available to most people in both the US and the UK. Most dieters sought advice from their primary care doctors or a registered dietitian. These sources offered only the standard low calorie/low fat diet plans with no further guidelines or support. Further, none of these plans offered even the smallest hint of a maintenance plan to maintain the weight loss. Could it be that the fault did not lie totally with the lack of will power of the participants? Could it be that the old outdated thinking of “calories in and calories out” contributed to the dismal success rate of these people?

Here at our Research Institute we have developed a weight management program that identifies each person’s metabolic function and how their body handles various foods. Armed with this we then customize a program for weight loss for them. Our program also contains an extensive section on maintenance because without this the dieter becomes just another yoyo victim. By using this concept we achieve a 54% permanent success rate with Weight Management!!

(The rest of the participants fail due to lack of compliance and follow through)

The dismal statistics from this huge study and others like it prove that the standard weight loss programs in place are virtually totally ineffective. Since the definition of insanity is often cited as “doing the same failed thing over and over in the hopes that the results will change” would indicate that the medical weight loss industry is simply mad. For complete information on how to control your diabetes naturally download and print my special report entitled: Diabetes: The Fastest Growing Epidemic Worldwide.

Watch for my new book, on our Weight Management program for Life, coming out in early 2016. It will reveal how you too can achieve ideal body weight without dieting forever and watch my video on Weight Loss and Weight Gain it will help you understand how complex this subject really is and check back often for the latest diabetes articles.

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