Dr. Whiting is an Orthomolecular Nutritionist. His degrees include a Masters in Psychology as well as a Doctorate in Biochemistry.

Three decades of personal, practical experience in the field of human nutrition have earned him an international reputation, not only in the understanding of the human body and the profound effect that nutrition plays in protecting and preserving the body, but also in outstanding results that he has consistently achieved while working with clients on a global scale.

His commitment and dedication within the nutrition field has led him into extensive research into such chronic conditions as Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Osteoporosis and Prostrate problems, to name but a few. The result of this research has been pivotal in the development of nutritional protocols for the prevention, management and reversal of these conditions.

Studies he has conducted have led to a totally new system of weight management, based on ‘Body Typing’, wherein How a person’s body handles food, is evaluated Before they are put on a weight management program that’s customized for them.

Dr. Whiting has served both as Consultant and Staff Member to many of the leading alternative & complimentary hospitals in Europe and Latin America, where he has had the opportunity of applying his concepts to those individuals who were most in need.

This has resulted in the development of nutritional support protocols for a variety of chronic health challenges. Through his international affiliations, he remains current on the very latest progressive applications of nutrition for a wide variety of chronic degenerative disorders, for which orthodox medicine has offered little hope.

In 1991, Dr. Whiting founded The Institute Of Nutritional Science, an international organization, with offices in London, England, Den Haag, The Netherlands and San Diego, California. The purpose of The Institute is to gather information and conduct research on how natural supplements can prevent, manage or reverse disease conditions.

The Institute publishes The Journal, available by subscription, to dispense nutritional information, relevant to disease in an easy to understand, user-friendly fashion.

As an author, Dr. Whiting has published a series of Self Help booklets on nutrition and progressive health, a textbook entitled Gaining and Maintaining Total Health, and SelfHealth, Your Complete Guide To Optimal Wellness, which rapidly became a best seller after its first publication in 1996. His next work, You Can Be…Well At Any Age: Your Definitive Guide To Vibrant Health & Longevity, also became a rapid best seller.

His present work, Healthy Living made Easy, offers a simple program that anyone can follow, to live a healthy lifestyle without having to make dramatic changes. It also contains protocols for over 250 health conditions and shows how diet, exercise and supplements can prevent or even reverse these problems..

Author, Lecturer, Teacher, Product Formulator and Consultant, Dr. Whiting is dedicated to helping others in helping themselves toward a more healthful existence, through a better understanding of the nutritional needs of the body. He was the formulator of all the nutritional products for Curves Fitness Centers.

He is committed to empowering individuals with the very latest nutritional information, safe in the knowledge that this will serve to enhance both the quality and the quantity of life for everyone in the years ahead.