What the term hangry really means?

It seems that every so often new terms or words are added to our language. In the case of this term, it is really describing, for the most part, something that’s been around and recognized for a very long time.

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Hangry is a term to describe being angry when hungry. When this
occurs, it is very often likely due to a fall in blood sugar. This is called
hypoglycemia and the symptoms include headache, shakiness, tiredness,
irritability, anger, and even aggression. Maintaining blood sugar is a delicate
balancing act, not letting it get too high or too low. The hormone insulin is
responsible for that regulation. The primary function of insulin, which is
secreted from the pancreas, is to remove excess blood sugar or glucose and
store it for later use. In the case of hypoglycemia too much blood sugar is
being removed, lowering the glucose level below satisfaction level. For these
individuals it is often necessary to eat frequently throughout the day in order
to maintain satisfactory blood sugar. Snacks with complex carbohydrates and
proteins provide the best and the longest satisfaction.

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