What about Those “Green Drinks”?

Juicing of fruits and veggies has been a practice for many decades and one that is still popular today. The new so-called “Green Drinks” are getting renewed popularity but with much higher prices than ever before. While these drinks are a great way to enjoy a refreshing concentrate of fruit and veggies, they should not be held as the ultimate source of nutrition. These drinks usually supply a fair amount of nutrients but only a select few of the more than 100 nutrients now known to be of essential benefit. These drinks on average supply about 40. This is because the produce from which they are made has been grown on farmlands that have become so depleted with essential trace elements that the plants no longer contain any of them.

In fact when these drinks are typically analyzed we find that they almost always fall far short of the optimal levels of key nutrients. When compared to our Full Spectrum formulas, we find that it would take 9 to 12 – 12 ounce glasses of these drinks to come close to the same potency as in our formulas. This applies to the nutrients that are actually in the drinks for there are likely over 50+ nutrients not present at all.

When you look at these beverages for what they are they are fine but so many people are led to believe by marketing spins that these drinks are supplying everything a person needs for optimal wellness.

Our suggestion is to enjoy your green drink but also take a Full Spectrum supplement on a daily basis to ensure potency range and ratio of ALL essential nutrients are being met. Check back next week for articles on Diabetes Awareness.

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