The Weight Management Revolution

The Weight Management Revolution Kickstarter, The obesity epidemic shows no signs of coming under control any time soon Why? The dietetics industry has failed to provide the necessary information to educate people as to the cause of their problem. The food industry is second to the drug companies when it comes to power and influence and if the truth were to be known about the foods we are forced to eat, the obesity epidemic could be brought under control very easily. This book and the plan it will reveal will illustrate these issues and how to avoid them without serious restrictions. Once people come to understand that it’s not just about “calories in and calories out”, they will begin to understand why they have their weight problem and begin to see how they can alter their future by managing their weight without undue sacrifice. Please visit The Weight Management Revolution Kickstarter Campaign and please use the hashtag #TheWeightManagementRevolution.

This program, when finished, will revolutionize weight management because it will be built around each individuals own chemistry. When you work with your body instead of against it weight loss becomes much easier and takes very little time. Make sure to visit and contribute to The Weight Management Revolution Kickstarter Campaign. Check back next month for more info about Stress Awareness Month.

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