Weight Management in 2017

The Weight Management Revolution Kickstarter, The old paradigm of ‘calories in and calories out’ is finally losing its ineffective control over obesity. In fact it is this outdated way of thinking that has contributed to the explosive numbers of unhealthy obese individuals here and around the world. Starving a person to their optimal weight is not only barbaric but ultimately ineffective. If weight is lost by low calories or starvation, the body will always rebound and regain the lost weight once foods of a healthy level are reintroduced.

There is, fortunately, a growing attitude towards the individual approach to weight management. The industry, or at least a few within it, are beginning to talk about chemical individuality. As we realize that not all chemistry is the same and that people metabolize foods and store energy in different ways, we begin to come to the point that our research, over the past 5 years, has concluded, namely that we are unique. So how can we address this situation if we are all different? There are several metabolic and chemical identities, which we have isolated. Doing so allows us to customize a diet program around the individuality.

The result in preliminary tests have been phenomenal. Armed with this information we have achieved an average of 86% success rate in the participants we have put through the program. Please visit The Weight Management Revolution Kickstarter Campaign and please share on twitter using the hashtag #TheWeightManagementRevolution.

This program, when finished, will revolutionize weight management because it will be built around each individuals own chemistry. When you work with your body instead of against it, weight loss becomes much easier and takes very little time. Make sure to visit and contribute to The Weight Management Revolution Kickstarter Campaign. Check back next month for more information about Stress Awareness Month.

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