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John Howard, Working with a first class athlete like John has been a great learning experience. The benefits he has achieved through the use of our Full Spectrum Liquid as well as our Plant Based Trace Minerals has been fantastic. These minerals have shown the ability to accelerate healing of tissues due to their bio-electrical nature. If a world class athlete can recover and maintain with these formulas just think what they can do for you!

Denise, She says our Full Spectrum Liquid High Vitality is both convenient and economical to use. Providing 130 nutrients in one formula, it is one of the most complete supplements available. The liquid delivery makes it highly absorbable as well. Many people who have taken various supplements for years are amazed at how much better they feel when they take our High Vitality Liquid.

Reed, This is an amazing story. We have been working with her for a long time and between our formulas and her other efforts, she is doing better today than ever before. Listening to her story is an inspiration. The Liquid Trace Minerals she refers to are amazing due to the bio-electrical energies they impart to the body. They have shown many benefits simply because virtually every chemical reaction in the body is dependent on the micro trace minerals and they have become the most deficient group of nutrients in our diet. Check back next month for information on the best vitamins for energy and take our Weight Management Survey today and Dr Whiting will call you with your results within the week.

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