Vitamin Supplement Absorption

When it comes to nutrient intake our ability to absorb nutrients from food and supplements declines with each passing decade. Therefore, as we age, we must become ever more aware of our digestive process and should we begin to experience signs of compromise to digestion and subsequent absorption such as gas, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, and even acid reflux, our first line to improvement should be to fix the digestive issues. Once we have addressed this, we should next look to our supplements. Are they hard compressed tablets? If this is so you may be getting very little in the way of nutrient absorption from supplements of this nature.

Our personal choices for supplement delivery would include micro thin gelatin capsules, which can dissolve in as little as two minutes in the stomach and of course liquid suspensions. The only time that a tablet would be beneficial is in the case of enteric coating, which is done to help protect delicate nutrients inside the formula. A liquid baseline supplement, which provides the 100+ nutrients the human body needs for ideal conditions would be our first choice. Check back next week for more information about Vitamin Supplement Absorption.