Trace Minerals and Healing

Plant sourced trace mineral compounds have shown some amazing abilities to re-balance the internal chemistry of our bodies. Many chronic conditions such as arthritis, chronic inflammation, and a host of other issues have been improved or even eliminated through mineral saturation of the soft tissues and bones of the body with plant sourced bio-electrical trace minerals.

The human body is an electrical organism. Your heart and brain for example function because of the 1.5 volts of electricity your body generates on a constant basis. The body uses minerals, both major and trace, to produce that current that drives the body via the central nervous system. The ability for negatively charged organic trace mineral compounds to support this electrical current can easily be demonstrated as when added to water, an insulating substance, the current flow is immediately restored.

One area of healing that has received a lot of attention is that of accelerating the mending of broken bones and injuries to soft tissues. Work done at New York Hospital in the 1960’s and 70’s established that by applying a direct current to a broken bone, it would heal 40% faster. This was the beginning of our understanding of how electrical potential plays a role in constantly rebuilding and recovering the body from all types of injuries.

Bio-electrical trace minerals from plant sources that bear a negative charge do much the same thing as the application of the direct current mentioned above but do so on a consistent basis as long as they are made available to the living system of the body. We have used these minerals in mega doses with many athletes to accelerate their healing and recovery from injuries with great success. The body will absorb minerals until its storehouse is filled. Once this happens the body simply expels excess minerals with no harmful effects whatsoever, providing that they carry a negative charge. Positively charged minerals on the other hand can build up in the body to excess.

Our plant based bio-electrical trace mineral supplement is sourced from the original Utah mine in use for this purpose since the 1930’s. These minerals are offered through Phoenix Nutritionals under the name Liquid Essentials. We use these as part of a total support program for a wide variety of issues. Check back next week for more information on the best plant based trace minerals and how they can help you.

Should you have questions about the need and use of these minerals in your health please feel free to call our offices at 1-888-454-8464.

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