Thyroid and Hair loss

An under active thyroid can produce a variety of annoying symptoms, one of which is the thinning or loss of hair. Fortunately once the thyroid hormone level is brought back to normal range the hair usually regrows. This however, does not stop the embarrassment of thinning hair in the meantime. In order to accelerate the re-establishment of the hair we use a variety of nutrients, which help the body to utilize the thyroid hormone more effectively.

Two formulas we rely on for this support are our thyroid support formula called Natural Thyroid Support and our trace mineral formula called Essential Trace Minerals. While these will not replace thyroid hormone if it is needed, they will help the body to utilize the hormone more effectively while supplying the essential minerals that the body uses to grow hair. These formulas may be obtained from Phoenix Nutritionals 1-800-440-2390. Please check out my video about the Natural Thyroid Support and check back next month for information about the the best thyroid supplement.

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