Thyroid Awareness & Weight Management Month

January starts the biggest weight loss season so is it any wonder that January has been named weight loss awareness month? Also January is thyroid awareness month as well. This may not be a coincidence since an underactive thyroid is one of the many reasons for weight gain. The following formulas, developed by The Institute of Nutritional Science, help to address these issues by providing support at a variety of levels. You may take my Weight Management Survey and I will email you and call you with your results to get you on the right track today!

ThyRox – This formula is designed to support a healthy thyroid gland and is used by hundreds of people to help the thyroid increase its production of hormones. Those who are borderline low thyroid and often do not qualify for medication have found that this formula supports a return to better thyroid function. Those who are taking medication often find that this formula helps their body to utilize the synthetic thyroid hormone better and many symptoms of low thyroid that persist, lesson or disappear. I talk more about this in my video Dr Whiting on Dr Oz’s Thyroid Special. Please take a moment and download and print my special report entitled: Under Active Thyroid a Better Approach.

Slim Cleanse – When starting a weight loss program it is important to address any issues that may slow that process down. Two factors that can negatively affect your weight loss is a sluggish metabolism and the buildup of excess toxins. Your body stores toxins in your fat cells and when those are mobilized these toxins can rise, making you feel sluggish and tired while suppressing your immune system. Slim Cleanse is our newest formula and helps support the body for better and faster elimination of these released toxins. We have also added both soluble and insoluble fiber to the formula as most dieters do not get enough fiber and this can cause constipation and other colon problems. Lastly, we have added two natural metabolic stimulants to help increase your resting metabolic rate and speed up weight loss. I talk more about this in my video Detoxifiying.

GlucoCrave Xtreme used along with High Vitality can be your winning team in conquering weight loss this season – This Full Spectrum formula provides over 130 nutrients to the body. One of the pitfalls of dieting is that we often consume less food. This is beneficial to a point but to an extreme and the body goes into hibernation in an attempt to preserve energy fat stores. Starvation hormones are produced when the body is deficient in calories OR nutrients. Since our food contains only a fraction of the nutrients we need for optimal wellness, the body can see this as “starvation” and slow your metabolism. All the dieters in our programs here are required to use this formula to prevent metabolic slowdown due to perceived starvation. Check back often for the new year weight loss challenges. I talk more about this in my video Full Spectrum Nutrition and Mulit-Vitamins. Please take a moment and download and print my special report entitled: Diabetes: The Fastest Growing Epidemic Worldwide. Also take my Weight Management Survey.

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