Thyroid Awareness Month – Frequency of Low Thyroid & Symptoms of Low Thyroid

Under-active thyroid or hypothyroid can cause many symptoms. The classics of course are being cold all the time and weight gain for no other reasons. But hair thinning, fatigue, dry skin, puffy face, muscle weakness, pain, stiffness of joints, depression, and elevated cholesterol are also other common side effects of an under-active thyroid. To discover if you may have this condition use the under arm thermometer test. Take fever thermometer and shake it down before bed and place it where you can reach it without getting up.

When you first awake in the morning, put the thermometer under your arm and lay still for 10 minutes. Remove and record the temperature. Do this for 7 days then add up all temps and divide by 7 to get your average. If this number is 97.5 or so you may have a sluggish thyroid. If it is below 97 you are very likely suffering from an under-active thyroid. You should have your thyroid hormones checked by a physician. Keep in mind that there are also several nutrients that can help increase thyroid function naturally. You can contact my office for further details. 1-888-454-8464.

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