The Most Dangerous Widespread Prescription Drug is?

While we are all aware that most prescription drugs can have serious side effects, the one that wins my vote as one of the most dangerous is not only because of the serious side effects but also because it is so widely and indiscriminately prescribed.

I am referring to the group of drugs for forcibly lowering cholesterol called the Statins. These drugs have many potentially serious side effects due to their action on the liver. Statins can really mess up your chemistry on many levels. Aches and pains, joint pain, cramps, dizziness, neuropathy due to vitamin B12 depletion, cognitive decline due to very low cholesterol levels, and lastly and perhaps the most frightening heart failure!

In fact, rates of heart failure have more than doubled since the widespread use of statins in the population.

You may be surprised to know that your body produced up to 80% of all the cholesterol you have at any given time. The best way to control cholesterol levels naturally would therefore be to nourish and support the liver rather than damage it with statin drugs.

A few years ago I developed a targeted formula for both nourishing and supporting the liver and its job of manufacturing lipids of which cholesterol is just one. This formula can support the body and liver so that it can better do its job of regulating these necessary fats and keep them in an ideal healthy range.

This formula is called Cholest EZE

CholestEze and is available from phoenix Nutritionals 1-800-440-2390

You can learn more about cholesterol management from my video at the link below:
Cholesterol Management

Cholesterol Management

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