The Cheater’s Diet

Last year alone Americans spent in excess of $64 billion in an attempt to lose weight.

The sad result of that is that over 94% of all these people will fail. There are several reasons for this high rate of failure from following the wrong diet to psychological and emotional influences.

It is pretty much an accepted fact that almost all dieters regularly cheat on their diet thereby sabotaging their results, you can listen to my Podcast about The Cheater’s Diet.

Diet programs all seek to find ways to reduce or prevent this cheating, but no program has ever solved that problem. Psychological issues like immediate gratification plus physical problems like fluctuating blood sugar, drive many dieters to regularly cheat, consuming foods they shouldn’t.

When the dieter cheats and returns to the diet center they are most often shamed and criticized for being weak willed and insincere about their weight loss. Instead of looking at the causes for this behavior most diet programs blame the dieter. Our weight management program looked at this problem and decided to handle it in a very different way. Instead of chastising and criticizing dieters for cheating, our program encourages it!

In fact, a routine cheating, done our way, is a key factor for the program’s success. By allowing cheating in specific ways, the dieter feels like they can still enjoy their favorite foods. Once you understand how the biochemistry of the body works regulated cheating can actually stimulate the metabolism and encourage further weight loss. Our program, called The Weight Management Revolution, will change the way people look at excess body weight and by analyzing how their body metabolizes various foods before they diet, we will be able to ensure greater long-term success. Also check out my video about Debating a Dietitian. Check back next week for more information about cheating on your diet.