What are the Symptoms of Osteoporosis & Bone Loss?

Since the month of May is also osteoporosis awareness, it is a great opportunity to discuss this condition and offer hope that there are natural ways of preventing bone loss. At the heart of osteoporosis of course is a lack of calcium. Medicine has several osteoporosis treatments through the use of pharmaceuticals, but most of these have potentially annoying and possibly serious side effects. It’s much better to nourish our bones so that they do not become honeycombed and brittle in the first place. While many professionals don’t fully agree on the cause of osteoporosis we can all agree that a lack of calcium or more importantly a lack of absorption of calcium is at the heart of the problem. When considering the best calcium supplements, absorption must be considered as well.

Calcium is an extremely difficult mineral to absorb; because of this the best calcium supplements will provide chelated calcium as well as chelated magnesium. To further enhance the absorption of these nutrients the supplement should also contain vitamin D. The best calcium for osteoporosis would also include trace minerals such as zinc, manganese, copper, and even strontium hydrochloride. The trace mineral strontium has been shown to increase the transport of calcium ions back to bone tissue up to 10 fold. Our current formula researched and developed here, is the only formula to have been clinically proven to not only stop bone loss but to actually increase bone density over time. We use a product called Bio Complete Calcium Plus. Please check out my video about the Best Calcium for Osteoporosis and check back next month for information about the toenail fungus.

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