Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is one of our “newest” disorders and the cause of it has left researchers baffled. The reason for this is that it can present with a wide variety of symptoms, differing from person to person. Our research into fibromyalgia has found that it is, in fact, not a disease or disorder at all but rather the result of something else. Three studies we have conducted on fibromyalgia sufferers have shown that excess toxins in the soft tissues of the body may be the primary cause of this disorder. You can download and print my special report Managing fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

We took 50 participants all with diagnosed fibromyalgia and put them on a detoxification program using our liquid oxygen supplements as well as an organ detox supplement together with a Full Spectrum multi-supplement. After just 30 days 92% of the participants indicated that their fibromyalgia symptoms were 50% gone or more. This tells us that excess toxins definitely play a part in the pathology of fibromyalgia and I talk more about this in my video Managing Fibromyalgia.

For some reason not yet fully understood, certain people have less of an ability to naturally detoxify their body and when the toxins build up in soft tissues, the symptoms we call fibromyalgia develop. Just listen to just one of our success stories below:

Fibromyalgia Relief & Pain Free

By regularly detoxifying the internal body, we have been able to not only control the symptoms of fibromyalgia but to keep it under control long term as long as regular detoxification takes place. Check back soon for more information on the best and most effective fibromyalgia diet and the red flag fibromyalgia symptoms to look out for.

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