Stress can be worse than what’s causing It

We live in a stressful world – one of our own making but nonetheless a stress filled life. It has been said that stress is the cardinal cause of most all illnesses and current research tends to bear this out. An example of this is recent research that points to the fact that excess stress may be a greater factor in heart disease than atherosclerosis!

Consider these negative effects from stress:

It makes you exhausted – Stress produces anxiety, which in turn, over time, produces depression. These states wreck havoc with our adrenal glands and eventually your immune system.

It can mess with your libido – When your head is preoccupied with excess stress, it’s harder to “get in the mood” for intimacy.

Stress can impair digestion – Stress interferes with the production of vital stomach acids, which in turn prevent the production of enzymes necessary for further digestion. Gas, bloating, heartburn and bowel disturbances are often the result.

Stress Makes Your Skin Explode – Excess stress causes imbalances in sex hormones. When the androgens in your body spike, acne and other skin problems are often the result.
The point is that stress can affect virtually every aspect of human biochemistry, making any existing conditions that much worse. This means that managing stress if present, should be an integral p[art of any health building support program.

Some time ago we developed a stress formula that supports both the central nervous system and nourishes the adrenal glands, which are your stress glands. This formula helps the body to chemically manage stress more effectively and may support the body in reducing the many side effects of excess stress.

You can obtain this formula from Phoenix Nutritionals or by calling them at 1-800-440-2390.

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