Stress Awareness Month

Stress is the cardinal cause of most disease. The presence of excess stress will make almost any pre-existing condition worse due to its effect on bodily functions. Stress is a given in most of our lives but when the level of stress rises it can produce devastating side effects. Stress effects your cardiovascular system, the immune system, and the digestive system to name but a few. Since we all live with stress we often take it for granted and just try to ignore it. Many turn to drugs or alcohol to relax and attempt to relieve excess stress but the fact is that this level of stress consumes key nutrients at an alarming rate. These nutrients are essentially the B-complex vitamins. For example during periods of high stress your body can use up to 60 mg of pantothenic acid per hour yet the Daily Value of this vitamin is only 60 mg per day!! A deficiency of pantothenic acid and B-12 can lead to central nervous system problems as well as adrenal exhaustion.

So in this month of April let’s take out time to address our stress levels and if elevated provide the body with the nutrients it needs in the right amounts to protect the nervous system and the adrenal glands. Our Stress Eze formula is a convenient and ideal way to address this.

Stress Eze – Key nutrients for a high stress lifestyle – This formula contains the stress related nutrients in mega dose amounts and is designed to support the body during excess stress. If your stress level is ongoing for whatever reason, you may wish to take this formula on an ongoing basis. Watch my video Dr Whiting on Stress Management and check back soon for more information about Stress Awareness Month.

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