Is stress affecting your health?

It has often been said that stress is the cardinal cause of most all disease and disorder within the body. Certainly excess stress can make almost any existing issues much worse. People with digestive disorders complain of much worse symptoms when under stress. Those with complications of the menopause report increased hot flashes and night sweats while excess stress is a factor. We also know that prolonged stress can adversely affect the cardiovascular system and even those with diabetes report a much more difficult time to regulate their blood sugar while excess stress is a factor.

From the holistic point of view, we look at an individual’s stress levels first when building a supplement support system for them. Because stress can affect so many bodily functions, if it is present to excess we must always address that issue up front because if not everything else we do to set the persons internal body chemistry right will not be nearly as effective. The stress formula called Stress Eze we developed here at our Institute provides the key nutrients necessary for supporting the body even under extreme stress. I have given this formula to people who were experiencing severe stress and trauma and within just a few days their anxiety was lowered and the negative effects of the stress were virtually gone. This is because the stress response cycle, if it goes on too long, not only wears on the central nervous system but also produces adrenal fatigue. Once these factors set in, the individual begins to experience insomnia, anxiety, and eventually depression as a result of the depletion of the nutrients needed to support these systems. One example is with the B –Vitamin Pantothenic Acid. This nutrient, along with B-12, are used by the body to buffer the negative effects of stress on the nervous system and the adrenal glands. Under stress your body can use as much as 60 mg of Pantothenic acid every hour, yet the Daily Value for this nutrient is only 60 mg per day!!

If you are experiencing excess stress in your life from any source, you should strongly consider adding a high potency stress support formula to your supplement program. Phoenix Nutritionals offers our formula under the name Stress Eze. According to their figures, this is one of the most popular formulas they sell and they report that people will panic if it happens to go on back order for any length of time. This is simply, because it works!! Check back soon for more information about Stress and how it can affect your health coming next week.

You can learn more about the effects of stress and the role nutrients play in supporting the body by watching my video Dr Whiting on Stress Management.

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