Systemic Candida & the Diets

Buffered oral oxygen is the only safe way to raise the oxygen levels, but you must take the right formula in order for it to be safe and effective. The Institute of Nutritional Science offers a formulation, which has been used for over 20 years in eliminating systemic candida and yeast without the use of dangerous drugs and ineffective diets.
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Allergies, Asthma & COPD

When the lungs are compromised due to conditions like Allergies, Asthma and COPD, this can cause a variety of symptoms including difficulty breathing and fatigue. By using an oxygen containing supplement, the blood oxygen levels can be increased.
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Cholesterol Management

Cholesterol has become a national obsession! It seems that everyone either has elevated cholesterol or is worried about having elevated cholesterol. As a result there is a great demand to find ways to naturally lower cholesterol.
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Stress Management

I have often said that excess stress is the cardinal cause of almost all other diseases and health challenges. Stress that is not managed can certainly make existing health conditions much worse. I have worked with thousands of women, for example, in the menopause years, which complained of how their symptoms got much worse when they were going through periods of excess stress.
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Underactive Thyroid

Under-active thyroid or hypothyroid has become a very common occurrence in society. It is estimated that as many as 5% of the population have a hypothyroid condition and as many as another 5% may be borderline low thyroid. Of all of these people, 80% or 8 out of 10 are women.
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Heart Disease and Oral Chelation

In spite of dozens of drugs and numerous surgical procedures, heart disease is still the number one cause of death in most industrialized nations. While there are many forms of possible heart disease, the heart attack is the most common and most feared. Heart attacks can also come as a result of several causes, but the most common cause is the slow and steady blockage of arterial blood flow leading away from the heart.
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With the progression of the baby boom generation reaching senior status, focus on the health challenges facing that generation is receiving greater attention. For women, entering the menopause and all that can be connected with it, there can be several challenges.
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Immune System

The immune system regenerates during sleep and rest, so getting adequate sleep during higher periods of stress is helpful. Other ways in which we can boost our immunity and our protection are with immune supportive nutrients. While any virus that becomes widespread is cause for concern, we need to remember that this is not the first time that such a flu outbreak has occurred and it won’t be the last.
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Cheating Death and Arthritis

Arthritis is a progressive chronic degenerative condition caused by the body’s inability to replace lost cartilage. In the early stages such things as sports injuries to a particular joint or an accident that has damaged one or more joints may cause arthritis, but in the vast majority of cases, arthritis is the result of a breakdown of protein absorption and a lack of key essential minerals needed to repair and maintain connective tissue strength.
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Dr Whiting on The Dr Oz Candida Show

The proper program for treatment of candida has helped thousands of candida suffers, but the total program must be completed. Changing your diet is one step but not the ultimate. You must understand that there is no real ultimate candida diet if the yeast overgrowth has become systemic. Beating candida is not that difficult even if it has become systemic.
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Antioxidants and Free Radical Scavengers

Science has identified a large group of molecules as the cause of many problems with aging in the human body. These ‘altered molecules’ are called free radicals and they are responsible for premature aging of the skin, internal deterioration, and even genetic mutative damage. Free radicals are formed in the body both naturally and to excess, by the ingestion of chemical compounds from food, air and water.
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Cancer cells can be compared to orderly members of a community who have, for a variety of reasons, become disorderly and no longer fit into the society. There are three basic reasons why we feel this occurs and all may contribute to the formation of cancer, either singularly or in combination.
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Managing Diabetes & Hypoglycemia

Diabetes is the most epidemic disease of modern society. Factors such as low blood sugar, obesity, and inactivity contribute to this ever-growing problem. While diabetes can be hereditary, even in those situations the condition can often be totally managed naturally through key nutrients and exercise.
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The Illusion of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is the new ‘designer disorder’, yet when you examine the studies and the pathology of this chronic condition it becomes obvious that fibromyalgia is not a standalone disorder at all but rather a symptom of something else. In the hundreds of individuals we have worked with suffering from ‘fibromyalgia’, every one of them was horribly toxic. Once we reduced the level of toxins in the soft tissues the ‘fibromyalgia’ magically went away!
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A Natural Approach to Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities, which can include many individual issues, are often a challenge. Our research has shown that many of these individuals respond very well to key nutrients like calcium, magnesium, zinc, and the B-Vitamins, especially B-6. The key to maximum benefit is using these various nutrients in the right potencies and ratios.
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Joanne K

“We have been giving my 83 year old father your Oxy product now for several weeks. He clearly has more energy and is more active than before. We give him a dose morning and evening and I think he even seems more alert. I may have to start taking this stuff myself!” *

Ruth D

“ I have always taken supplements so I was quite surprised to find out that I was experiencing bone loss even though I had been taking my calcium regularly. My doctor explained that taking calcium was usually not enough. I found your Research Center through a friend and started taking your bio-available calcium. That was just over a year ago. My most recent test not only shows no more bone loss but I’ve actually regained some that I lost. Wow!” *

Dan W

“My arthritis has been getting slowly worse over the years. The stiffness and swelling of the joints in my knees and elbows was really getting bad. I started on your arthritis formulas 4 months ago and now I’m doing so much better. That InflamEze product you developed has helped to reduce the inflammation significantly. “

June Dee

“Due to my sluggish thyroid I have had trouble losing my 25 extra pounds. I’m also more tired during the day and my hair was brittle and dull. Since adding your thyroid formula to my daily routine these annoying issues are much better and I’m down 8 pounds this month.”

Adele P

“As a fitness club owner I see ladies suffering from the symptoms of menopause every day. I have been using your formula as part of my program for these women and we are seeing some great results and some very satisfied members!” *

Bill C

“Since my wife has been using your menopause formula she has no more hot flashes or night sweats. I just wanted to thank you and to let you know how much it’s changed my life around home too!!” *

Carl R

“My stress management counselor suggested I contact you about the stress support supplement you developed. So glad I did! I am certain that it has played a major role in helping me to better manage the stress in my life.”

Bob F

“Thank you guys, since taking your digestive formula no more acid reflux!!”

Barbara C

“I have suffered from digestive disturbances for years off and on. When I consulted with The Institute staff, they put me on a couple of their formulas and almost immediately I began to feel the relief from these digestive problems. The most amazing one has been the DigestEze. No more indigestion!”

Ruth D

“I had been suffering from candida symptoms for over 7 years that I can remember. At this point I was sure nothing would eliminate my problem because I had it so long. When I found you I took their test and scored a 482!!! I called and they assured me that they had worked with people who scored even higher. I started the program and due to the fact I have had this for so long it took a total of 6 Oxy Flushes but now I’m feeling like my old self again after so many years of being less than well.”

Jean S

“Both my husband and I are feeling so much better since taking your Oxy Flush. We sleep better and are much more alert during the day. Thanks for a great product.”

Jean P

“Our whole family started taking your immune support formula last fall and we went through the whole winter season and none of us got so much as a sniffle! We just got some more and will be taking it again this fall.”

Lisa D

“ I just love your joint support formula! It has allowed me to do some of the more active things that I love like gardening and just being able to be more active again. It’s great!”

Jim H

“I was shocked to find out from my doctor that my blood sugar was so high. He said that I was I the early stages of diabetes. I contacted your Center and with your diet recommendations and your wonderful GLucoCrave supplement, my blood sugar levels are in the normal range again.”

Ann D

“I thought that all vitamin supplements were the same. Boy was I surprised when I started taking your Full Spectrum formula! More energy, greater alertness and sleeping so much better. Trust me, all vitamin products are NOT the same.”

Betty L

“I have recently stopped using HRT due to side effects and my doctor wanted me to quit. Unfortunately the hot flashes and other annoying issues began to return. He suggested I give your Institute a call. Glad I did! Since taking your menopause formula I’m symptom free again.”

Beemer D

“Your stress supplement has made such a big difference in my life. I am sleeping through the night and I’m not nearly as anxious as I was before I started taking it. Thanks and please don’t ever stop making it!”

Tom G

“ Your Cholesterol program has worked fantastic for both my wife and myself. We are both in the normal cholesterol range and our doctor is very pleased.”

Carol F

“My husband has been battling his high cholesterol levels for some time. He tried the statins but could not tolerate the side effects. My neighbor suggested we call The Institute of Nutritional Science for suggestions. They sent us their Special Report on natural cholesterol management. We followed the instructions and no my husband’s blood work is in the normal range. Thanks!”

Kate D

“Ever since I’ve been taking The Institute’s special formulas I am sleeping better and seem to have more energy during the day, not tiring out so quickly. I am very pleased with these supplements.”

Marci L

“I must say that your Oxy Aloe formula is very pleasant tasting and easy to take. I wasn’t looking forward to drinking something terrible for 6 weeks but it was no problem at all.”

Jim E

“I have suffered from nasty toenail fungus for years. Topical creams did little to improve the problem. What I didn’t know at the time was it was coming from inside my body and that’s why it never cleared up. Since doing it my nails look better than ever and the new growth is clean and pink again.”


“When I first contacted Dr. Whiting at The Institute of Nutritional Science I had arthritis and also suffered from complications of menopause such as hot flashes and night sweats. They did a complete evaluation and provided recommendations for a supplement program to meet my specific needs. Now after just 3 months my stiffness and arthritic pain has been reduced by more than half and no more hot flashes at all! I’m sticking with their program.”


“I have struggled with my weight for over 20 years. I’m what you call a typical yoyo dieter, not by choice but it just happens. I was referred to Dr. Whiting and The Institute for advice. After taking their tests they recommended a diet and supplement program for my body type and it has worked wonders! I’m down 23 pounds and not regain and most of all with their supplements no more food cravings!”