Soylent Nutrition

This product is another in the long line of products marketed to be the absolute end all for nutrition. The problem is in reality, there is no way to get full nutrition in one shake. First of all there are at least 100 nutrients needed by the body on a daily basis. Then the body needs macronutrients such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fibers. While these drinks certainly can provide a fair amount of all these nutrients; it is difficult to include them all.

Another problem that we see with this formula is that the protein contained comes from soy. There is ever increasing evidence to show that protein, in concentrated form, from soy, may be less than desirable. This is because of the plant phyto-estrogen that it provides. These substances should not be consumed in high amounts by many people including men and very possibly the majority of women approaching or in the menopause.

Since 95% of all women in the menopause are already estrogen dominant, feeding plant estrogen’s can further imbalance the delicate hormones involved in equilibrium. A far better source of protein for most people, unless allergies are present, would be from whey protein. Whey has been shown to not only be an excellent source of protein but also serves as a natural immune booster. Unfortunately, so many of these products while genuinely providing potential benefit to the body, are oversold and over-promised by marketing departments that are only interested in selling rather than educating genuinely. We highly encourage you to always read labels and if a products website does not provide a full disclosure of ingredients be very cautious before you consider using them.

Check back in February for more info about how to choose vitamins on Amazon and make sure to listen to real testimonials and make sure to check out all of Dr Whiting’s Special Reports.

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