The news of late has been filled with a variety of articles warnings and other information about sleep apnea and diabetes. Apparently somebody feels that this is a new epidemic. It is not. Sleep apnea has been going on for many years because one of the main causes of this problem is excess body weight to the point of obesity. In order to better address the sleep apnea problem we will need to address excess weight. One of the best ways to begin this process is by identifying how your body best uses food. Once armed with this information we can assist you in designing a weight management program that will likely fit your body chemistry and produce results more effectively and faster. You can take our weight management evaluation here on this website.

Once completed it will automatically be sent to our offices where we will review your answers and contact you by phone to discuss the best program for you. One of the other areas that we often consider when talking about excess weight is detoxification a good liver cleanse and body detox can greatly assist in jump starting the metabolism once again. Keep in mind that stored body fat also stores toxins so the overweight individual is often a bit more toxic than someone of a more normal weight. A total body cleanse would not only include a colon cleanse but would also address the liver and provide a cleanse to the bowel. Liver detox and a bowel cleanse are just as important as a good colon cleanse and should not be overlooked. Recently we developed a formula that serves the purpose of addressing all the organs of elimination so we can achieve a total body detox a liver detox as well is a colon cleanse all in one. In addition we added to this formula natural and safe factors to increase metabolic resting rate. These metabolic enhancing factors are completely safe for everyone as they do not involve stimulating the central nervous system such as caffeine and ephedrine’s do. Check back next month for more info about how to lose belly fat.
Source, Dr Mercola

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