Is Serovital-HGH safe to take?

Many of you have been asking about a product called Serovital-HGH. This is another in a long line of so called “HGH” formulas. HGH or Human Growth hormone, is a highly regulated pharmaceutical and these products contain NO Human Growth Hormone whatsoever. What the product does contain are a select group of amino acids that can promote production of HGH in some individuals. These companies market these product to imply that they actually contain HGH, which they don’t. The main use for these products is weight loss.

They can certainly help with this in some people but are not universally effective for everyone. The problem with these formulas and many other weight loss aides is what to do when you stop taking them? Most often the dieter gets a rebound effect and regains their lost weight and often even more. The product does not provide for the metabolic rebound effect that most people will experience.

The best plan for weight management would be one that takes into account each person’s metabolic chemistry and designs a plan around that. The so-called HGH diet that is often recommended is so dangerously low in calories that it will induce starvation hormone production very rapidly. Further, any weight loss program of value will have a solid maintenance program to help ensure that lost weight is not regained over and over again.

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