September Menopause Awareness Month

The menopause… For most women this is just another part of the life cycle and no big deal but for many others this can be a time of “hell”. Mood swings, hot flashes, depression, anxiety, night sweats, etc. All these can make this time in a women’s life far less than pleasant. For decades medicine approached this issue with powerful hormone drugs. These drugs so badly upset the balance within the body that terrible side effects developed. These risks and dangers are usually not even necessary since most often these problems can be solved naturally. There are nutrients that the body can use to manufacture key sex hormones and the best news is that these nutrients can be used by the body to make whatever hormone is most deficient. Since most women are estrogen dominant the body would use these precursor compounds to make other hormones such as progesterone to balance out the ratios. Once this is accomplished the classic side effects of hormone imbalance and the menopause cease to be a problem. For more information on natural approaches to managing menopause issues watch my video

Dr Whiting on Menopause
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Medicine has a long history of causing many health problems in an attempt to solve others. These side effects can range from mild to very severe and even deadly. When medicine started using estrogen alone to treat menopause symptoms it created such an imbalance that we saw an epidemic of ovarian cancer in that group. After years of following this practice the industry finally woke up and started using multiple hormone therapy, still leaving out some of the most important hormones. This “new” approach helped contribute to the epidemic of breast cancer we have seen for the last several decades. It is impossible to further imbalance these hormones without potentially dangerous results. Several very large studies over decades of time with many thousands of women have shown that those taking HRT (hormone replacement therapy) were many time more likely to develop breast and ovarian cancers than women in the control groups who did not use these hormone drugs. Check out my special report, Menopause Naturally, What Every Woman Needs To Know. So what is the answer? If you are suffering from any of the classic symptoms of the menopause, consider going the natural route first. It’s much safe. Use a natural progesterone cream and take the right combination of nutrients that the body can use to manufacture whatever hormones are needed naturally. If you are under significant stress also consider using a high potency stress formula to support your adrenal glands. The two formulas we have developed are called MenoEze and StressEze.

Meno EZE
Stress EZE

Together they can support the body in natural rebalancing. Call me anytime for any questions you may have 1-888-454-8464.

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