Rob Kardashian’s Diabetic Ketoacidosis

The news today about Rob Kardashian and his diagnosis of Diabetic Ketoacidosis, a potentially dangerous and even fatal complication of uncontrolled diabetes was not surprising, even as far back as 2007 I was discussing this and you can watch my video about it Diabetes and Hypoglycemia for more information. This case illustrates the dangers of ignoring your body’s symptoms. He claimed to not even know that he had diabetes in the first place, yet he is and has been seriously overweight, in constant fatigue and excessive thirst. Here is a person with considerable wealth and still remained ignorant of his health condition. This illustrates the importance of listening to your body when it speaks in symptoms. Please take a moment and download and print my special report entitled: Diabetes: The Fastest Growing Epidemic Worldwide.

Even in this advanced situation his doctors have stated that with proper lifestyle changes including diet, supplements, and exercise he can reverse this situation and even put his diabetes into remission. The formula we use along with proper lifestyle changes and diet is called GlucoCrave Xtreme. This is a breakthrough for medicine whose previous position has been that there is no reversing diabetes. If you are overweight, please take my Weight Management Survey and I will get back with my personal recommendations by email and phone.

Here at our Research Institute we have been helping people manage diabetes and other chronic conditions for over 30+ years. We are experts in diabetes. Our program includes diet, supplement, and exercise recommendations to support the body in reversing this condition. If you have diabetes you should consider addressing it naturally as well as with medication… maybe you won’t need the medication forever!! Take a minute to review the Clinical References for GlucoCrave. Check back often for the latest information regarding Diabetic Ketoacidosis. The formula GlucoCrave Xtreme may be obtained from Phoenix Nutritionals or by calling them at 1-800-440-2390

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