Are You Ready for Weight Loss Season?

The first quarter of the year is one of the biggest weight loss times for millions. Are you ready to achieve your goals safely and permanently? As many of you know, I will be launching our new Weight Management Revolution in 2017. Be sure you are ready to discuss and implement the following points for weight loss success:

Starvation Hormones: A huge killer for ongoing weight loss and one of the biggest reasons for yo-yo dieting. There are two reasons for this demon to strike. Firstly is consuming too little food. When we under-eat our bodies produce starvation hormones, at least 5 of them, and these slow metabolism.

The second scenario under which this can happen is starvation of nutrients. We don’t simply eat for calories but also to gain the 100+ nutrients the body needs daily. When these are missing or deficient the body sees this as a form of starvation and the same thing happens as with too little food.

You can avoid this major killer of weight loss by taking a Full Spectrum supplement on a daily basis. We use our Liquid High Vitality or our Full Spectrum Caps.

Following the Incorrect Diet Plan: The idea that we are all the same chemically is absurd and that translates to the way each of us processes various foods. The standard low calorie diet will ultimately be effective for only about 30% of the population. There are 5 metabolic types and knowing which one you are can accelerate weight loss and help ensure permanent results.

Take our Weight Management Test to find out where you fall on the metabolic scale BEFORE you begin your weight loss program. To help ensure success, once we identify the specific metabolic type, we use our GlucoCrave Formula to control food cravings and regulate insulin levels.

Lack of Ongoing Maintenance: Most weight loss programs have little or no ongoing maintenance built into their programs, resulting in most people regaining all their lost weight and more. Our programs have a tried and tested ongoing maintenance program built in and it is custom designed for each metabolic type.

Addressing these three points alone will help ensure a much higher success rate during weight loss season and beyond. Check back next month for information on my Weight Management Revolution Kickstarter Campaign and make sure to check out my video about it Dr Whiting’s Kick-starter Campaign, #TheWeightManagementRevolution and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter at the links below.

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