Proton Therapy – The Wave of Future Cancer Treatment?

Chemotherapy and radiation have until recently, been the primary methods of treating most cancers. Recently immune-therapy has taken a step forward with science realizing that the best weapon against cancer cells is our own immune system. This is still in its infancy but at least research is moving in that promising direction. Most recently we see the use of a treatment called proton therapy. This treatment can target cancer cells while leaving normal healthy cells untouched. Right now this is being used primarily for prostate cancers, but as the science advances we will see this type of treatment being used for many other forms of cancer as well. I predict that in ten years or so proton therapy will become the new go to method of treatment for many types of cancers. This, combined with immune support therapy may well greatly increase the survival rate for cancers of all types. Check back next month for information about the the best probiotic to take and where to buy it.

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