There are only a few pro-inflammatory foods but the problem is that our diets are made up primarily of those foods, which is why inflammation is rampant in our bodies, causing multiple health problems at many levels.

Sugar, white flour products and some fats are the most pro-inflammatory. Sadly many people live off these foods, creating constant irritating inflammation internally. The Omega 6 fatty acid is very pro-inflammatory while the 3 and 9 groups are anti-inflammatory. Most of our processed fats and oils are very high in omega 6 fatty acids, making them very pro-inflammatory.

We should all try to reduce our consumption of these foods as much as possible but let’s face it we will not totally succeed. For this reason we developed a formula that contains natural anti-inflammatory nutrients to help offset the inflammation caused by our dietary choices. This formula can help ease the discomfort from many inflammatory issues. It’s called Natural Anti-Inflammatory Support and you can get the same formula we use from Phoenix Nutritionals.

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Source, Healthy Information

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