Preventing Bone Loss at Any Age

Osteoporosis or the loss of bone density is so common that it seems almost inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be! Another myth about bone loss is that it only happens to old people. While we are more susceptible to this as we age, it can start happening as early as middle age. Bone loss occurs for one simple reason – a lack of calcium returning to the bones. Every day we lose bone mass even when young but as long as the body is able to replace the calcium necessary to rebuild that bone everything stays even. As we age we tend to lose the ability to transport calcium back to the bones. This may be caused by a variety of factors such as poor digestion, lack of calcium in the diet or in some cases hormonal imbalances.

Calcium is one of the hardest minerals for the body to absorb and it can only be absorbed when it is properly acidified. This is why many supplement manufacturers pre-acidify their calcium and other minerals through a process called chelation. Even with this supportive measure present many of us are so lacking in natural stomach acids that the calcium we absorb is minimal. We often say that if digestive disturbances are present your calcium absorption is probably compromised.

The next factor is to help ensure that the calcium we do absorb is transported back to bone tissue. For this we rely on several key trace minerals such a boron, manganese, copper, zinc, and strontium. In fact strontium is so effective in carrying calcium back, to bone tissues that it has been shown clinically, to increase calcium to bone transport by up to 10-fold.

When looking for a calcium supplement be sure that the minerals are chelated and that all the supportive trace minerals are also present in the formula. In order to get the most benefit from your calcium these trace minerals must be present at the same time as the calcium so taking a formula with all these in one is the logical approach.

Our calcium formula that we are using is the only formula that has been proven to not only stop bone loss but to actually increase bone density by as much as 2% every year. This makes the combination ideal for virtually anyone age 50 or older. Order Bio-Complete Calcium Plus today and check back soon for more information about the best calcium supplement coming next week.

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