Other Factors Affecting Diabetes

What are the other Factors Affecting Diabetes? Someone with type 2 diabetes can be more acutely affected by outlying factors than others. Sugar consumption and high amounts of sugar-forming foods are certainly at the top of the list and the single greatest cause of the diabetes epidemic. Sugar not only causes your body to over produce insulin in response to elevated blood sugar but this substance is also known to be a powerful immune suppressant. This is particularly important for diabetics who are already susceptible to increased risk of infections. According to numerous studies the consumption of sweet energy drinks, sodas, and teas contribute to over 184,000 deaths per year world-wide. This figure includes about 133,000 fatalities directly linked to those with diabetes!

The next factor to consider in the diabetic is their level of stress. We all know that excess stress can damage the internal body in a host of ways but for the diabetic excess stress can wreck havoc with blood sugar levels, making it almost impossible to keep them under proper control. Excess stress affects the body physically by releasing powerful stress hormones from the adrenal glands. These hormones cause a spike in blood sugar thereby causing a spike in insulin production. Once the perceived stress has passed blood sugar can often stay elevated for hours or even days. Over time this can put you at risk for further blood sugar/insulin damage to the body. Controlling stress is essential for the obese, hypoglycemia sufferer, and the diabetic for in each case the body can take much longer to regulate both hormones and blood sugar after each episode. One way to support the body if you are under stress is by key nutrients.

As an example, the primary stress nutrient is a B-Vitamin called Pantothenic Acid. The Daily value of this nutrient is 60 mg per day. Under stress your body can consume 60 mg of this nutrient every hour!! You can see the potential problem. Further, pantothenic acid can only provide much of its adrenal protective abilities in the presence of B-12 and other nutrients. Fortunately you can obtain these all together in one convenient formula called StressEze – available by calling 1-800-440-2390, check back often for the latest diabetes articles.

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