October is Immune Awareness Month

Our bodies have an elaborate system of defense which begins to develop even before we are born. The first few months after birth, the Immune System works overtime to develop codes for thousands and thousands of foreign substances which enter the internal environment of the body. There are two basic defense systems operating in the body simultaneously, namely Non-Specific and Specific. First line, Non-Specific immunity takes place in specialized tissues of the body called Mucosal Tissue. This may be found wherever there is an opening from the outside environment to the internal environment of the body, such as the Ears, Nose, Mouth & Throat, Urinary Tract, and the Anal Canal.

This Mucosal lining is highly resistant to infection and, in fact, generates Non-Specific Antibodies to destroy many potentially harmful pathogens before they can even enter into the interior of our body. The catch is that mucosal tissue can only do its job in the presence of a nutrient called Vitamin A. When this is deficient the protective factor of mucosal tissue deteriorates rapidly. Those who suffer from repeated infections of their mucosal sites should take note.

This Non-Specific defense system, called the Reticuloendothelial System, consists of a variety of semi related cells whose function is to destroy and remove such things as worn out blood cells, bacteria, cancer cells, and other foreign chemicals that are potentially dangerous to our delicate biochemistry.
Monocytes, large white blood cells, which circulate in the bloodstream, develop into Macrophages, which literally ‘eat up’ these invading substances. Other parts of this Non-Specific immunity include sites found in the Spleen, Bone Marrow, Lymph Nodes, and even the Brain. In order to insure that your immune system is operating to it fullest it is a good idea to take an immune support formula this time of year. The one we recommend is called ImmuGuard you can also call them to order it at 1-800-440-2390.

This Non-Specific Immune System functions twenty four hours a day to ensure internal safety. You may be interested to know that each one of us gets Cancer every day of our lives. Cancer cells form due to Free Radical damage to DNA material within specific cells or cell groups. You can read more about this in my book called Your Immune System -Why It Fails & How to Fix It. When this occurs, the Immune System recognizes these cells as different from the others and takes a chemical photograph of their composition. This information is then returned to the Thymus Gland where it is analyzed. Once the Immune System determines that this cell is not normal, specific Antibodies are formed to destroy the cells before they can explosively multiply. Please take 5 minutes to watch my video Dr Whiting on The Immune System for more information.

The final line of defense against disease is what we call the Immune System itself. It is technically referred to as the Specific Defense System because it acts against particular harmful agents and further, has the ability to act quickly against substances new and unfamiliar to itself. Check back often for the nutrition articles.

This is important since immunity is not general but very selective, meaning that immunity to one disease, say the measles, does not automatically mean we are immune to others.

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