Nugenix is another formula for which the marketing people have made a universal cure-all. The marketers claim that this formula will produce energy, vitality, increased confidence, increase performance, etc. When we speak about true vitality and true energy in our life we are talking about more than just sexual performance. While this is important, it is not all that is involved with an ideal healthy way of life. We must also consider healthy aging supplements, stress supplements, herbal vitamins, as well as plant derived trace minerals. The body is a very complex organism and requires over 100 nutrients on a daily basis for optimal health and wellness. Formulas like this are targeting one or two specific areas and rely on marketing and the public’s desire for enhanced energy and sexual performance as the driving force for sales.

Unfortunately, they have been very successful. Taking this particular formula while it might produce desired results in a specific arena, it does not and cannot provide the full spectrum of nutrients that the body needs on a daily basis. When we consider the 100+ nutrients necessary we then must consider what is the best delivery system for those nutrients for maximum absorption. Our research over many years have shown that liquid delivery systems or liquid vitamins are the best source of energy vitamins , the best vitamins for women as well is the best vitamins for men, especially after age 50. The best vitamins for energy therefore would not only include the specific nutrients for stimulating specific actions but would also provide the best liquid vitamins the best stress supplements the best anti-aging supplements as well as energy and metabolism and total body performance. Check back next month for more info about natural vitamins for energy and make sure to listen to real testimonials and make sure to check out all of Dr Whiting’s Chronic Disease Special Reports.

Source, Healthy Information

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