New U.S. 2016 dietary guidelines limit sugar, rethink cholesterol

The new U.S. 2016 dietary guidelines limit sugar, rethink cholesterol. Well the guidelines for healthy eating have been released and there isn’t much that’s new unfortunately. The dietetics industry is still trying to fit all of us into one mold – implying that their diet recommendations are universally good for everyone. This has never been true and certainly isn’t today.

Three diets have been selected as “acceptable” by the industry.

The Healthy American Diet – (didn’t know there was one) Still based on the old 2,000 calorie intake this diet offers two thousand calories, which may not be enough for very active people and can be too much for those who are sedentary or have a sluggish metabolism. Further, this diet revolves around high carbohydrates, moderate protein, and low fat. This is the same combination that hasn’t worked for decades but they keep dragging it out over and over.

The next is the Mediterranean Diet – Of the three this is the best choice for overall guidelines but still this diet plan would not fit for everyone, especially carbohydrate intolerant, hypoglycemic, and diabetic individuals as it still provides way to many carbohydrates for these problems. The Mediterranean Diet can also be short on calcium, which is easily supplemented.

The last diet is the Vegetarian Diet – Oh no here we go again, vegetarian diets are fine as long as adequate protein is ingested. This often requires food combining as most vegetable proteins are incomplete and must be combined in groups in order to be absorbable. Most vegetarians don’t consider this and more often than not, are protein deficient as a result.

The bottom line is that there is no single diet plan that will produce optimal wellness for everyone because we are often very different in our metabolic processing of different foods. If you want to shed excess pounds take our Weight Management Survey.

By taking this survey you can really find out the best eating plan for your chemistry. If you are of ideal weight, and wish to maintain that with minimal effort you can also take our weight management test just to find out your metabolic type; then it will be much easier to stay at the healthy weight you have.

Until the dietetics industry recognizes and embraces biochemical individuality the nation’s obesity epidemic will never be brought under control. To ensure that all your nutrient needs are met no matter what program you follow, be sure to take a high potency full spectrum multi nutrient product. The one we use is liquid High Vitality. It provides over 130 nutrients in an easy to absorb liquid formula. Also, check back often for more information on Low Fat Diets for High Cholesterol coming soon.

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