New Salt Guildlines

Everyone knows that we consume too much salt right? True in many cases so the Federal Government has proposed voluntary guidelines for the food industry to reduce salt in prepared foods. Salt has long been used by food manufacturers as a preservative because it’s cheap, it works, and it makes foods taste better, often leading to cravings, which sell more food!

There is a concern however that lowering salt intake can be harmful to the heart. Sodium is an electrolyte and must be balanced with potassium for optimal wellness. It’s true that most of us consume too much salt and sodium but an extreme swing in the opposite direction could spell other problems.
The secret, like everything in the body is balance and ratios. Too much of anything over a long period of time can cause imbalances resulting in health issues.

As an example a study published in The Lancet Medical Journal showed that people who were healthy and without hypertension could consume up to 7 grams of salt per day without any adverse effects for disease or death, however those who consumed less than 3 grams of salt per day had a 26% increased risk for death or for cardiovascular events like heart disease or stroke.

Balance and moderation seem to be at work once again. It seems that 4 grams of salt per day is probably the best for most people unless a pre-existing medical condition requires a lower amount. More information about yeast free diets coming next week.

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