New GlucoCrave Formula!

If you are carbohydrate intolerant with a weight problem, have hypoglycemia, or type II diabetes this formula will be ideal for you!

As a biochemist and supplement formulator it has always been my belief that we should offer the very cutting edge formulas that represent the latest in scientific advancements. In order to ensure this we review all our formulas at least once a year. This year we looked at our Glucose/insulin support formula called GlucoCrave Xtreme and decided that there was enough science to warrant making some changes and additions to that formula.

GlucoCrave Xtreme

To that end we have eliminated a few ingredients of lesser benefit and replaced them with higher amounts of key ingredients that recent science has shown to be of the most benefit. We have also added cinnamon bark extract. This has been touted as being beneficial in blood sugar control but the science was scant.

Recently however some real scientific studies have emerged that establish the validity of this extract. We feel that the new formula now reflects the very best in blood sugar and insulin support. Rest assured that we will always keep watching the science and upgrade any and all of our formulas accordingly. Check back next month for information on my Weight Management Revolution Kickstarter Campaign and make sure to check out my video about it The Weight Management Revolution.

GlucoCrave Xtreme

High Vitality

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