New Cholesterol Guidelines

The drug companies are at it again. They are on a campaign to ensure that their sales of statin drugs will reap even bigger profits in the New Year. A story that appeared on Good Morning America, once again touting the wonders of statins but of course no mention of the often terrible side effects these drugs can cause.

These include calcium loss, memory loss, muscle cramps, type II diabetes, muscle damage, neurological damage, and liver damage to name just a few. An increasing number of studies are showing that statins are not the wonder drugs we have been told. In fact there is no evidence that they can actually prevent a heart attack.

This is not to say that high levels of cholesterol, especially the LDL variety, are good. In fact elevated cholesterol is most often a sign of a liver problem. My new Cholesterol Support Formula has been reformulated and now helps to support better HDL levels, which is the ‘good’ cholesterol. You can obtain this formula, which has no side effects, from Phoenix Nutritionals at:

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