Natural Menopause Management

Anyone who suffers from the symptoms of menopause knows the annoying and uncomfortable effects. Mood swings, depression, hot flashes, and night sweats make up some of the more common symptoms of hormone imbalance. The medical systems answer to this was “well it’s a deficiency so we need to give more estrogen”. Bad idea! As previously discussed this created a near epidemic of cancer of the ovaries and later of the breasts. Since there are natural nutrients and hormone precursor agents that can support the body’s own ability to both make hormones and keep them in balance, this is an alternative.

One of the most powerful natural ingredients that we have available to us is called pregnenolone. This is what is called a hormone precursor, meaning that the body can use this substance to manufacture many different hormones thereby keeping the balance and ratio in line with optimal health. The downside is that pregnenolone is very costly and many supplement companies avoid using it for that reason. Oftentimes, they will use wild yam extract instead. While this ingredient does have some benefit, it does not offer the ability for balance to the body chemistry. Further wild yam is fairly weak on its own and really needs to be combined with other factors for maximum benefit and result.

As with all body chemistry, balance and ratios are often more important than mere potency alone. When formulating support products for specific needs such as menopause support, we first take all the clinical studies offering support for specific nutrients and other natural factors into consideration. Then we combine those factors together in the right potency and ratios for maximum results. Supplying the nutrients alone is often not enough but when you address balance and ratio in addition to raw potency the body’s chemistry responds with favorable results. Next month articles on Immune Health Awareness Month will be coming soon.

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