Natural Beauty Support

Natural beauty support is one of the fastest growing areas of dietary supplementation and addresses natural beauty and how we may support that nutritionally. Natural beauty supplements would include hair vitamins, vitamins for hair growth as well as a supplement that can also address the nails and skin. A hair, skin, and nails vitamin supplement would be ideal. Here at our research Institute we are in the development process of a formula that will address these needs and concerns all in one supplement. The key to improving skin tone is with collagen supplements. Nutrients that enhance collagen formation help to keep the skin full and vibrant and avoiding excess wrinkles and premature aging.

It is widely recognized that vitamin C is helpful for healthy skin tone, but there are other nutrients that should also be considered. Our formula for hair skin and nails will provide high doses of both vitamins and minerals recognized as essential. We anticipate being ready to launch this new formula in the early fall of this year. If you want the best vitamins for hair, for hair growth, as well as vitamins for skin and nails, your wait is almost over. Check back next month for information on the Best Hair Growth Vitamins and take our Weight Management Survey today and Dr Whiting will call you with your results within the week. Source, US National Library of Medicine

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