Natural Beauty Products

As a society we spend billions of dollars annually on various products in the hopes that they may make us look younger. Natural beauty products include creams, lotions, exfoliating masks, amino acid creams, pH creams, and lotions, and the list goes on and on. Natural beauty first and foremost, comes from within. Vitamins for healthy hair, vitamins for skin, and vitamins for nails can all add to the healthy appearing nature of our external surface. Each of us wants healthy looking hair, skin, and nails, but using such things as collagen supplements is relatively ineffective. This is because when we ingest collagen protein supplements our digestive system breaks them down into individual amino acids so there is very little direct benefit as far as increasing collagen proteins. The many supplements that claim to be collagen pills are, for the most part a waste of funds.

When we have a balanced biochemistry internally it reflects on the outside. The key nutrients that have been identified as supporting healthy skin, hair, and nails are often present in the best vitamins for men as well is the best vitamins for women. Due to a variety of factors however, higher amounts of these nutrients may provide benefit in enhancing our physical appearance. Needless to say these additional nutrients should be used in addition to full-spectrum multivitamins as well as plant derived trace minerals. These natural vitamins are far more bioavailable to the body than synthetic varieties.

Since we are all looking for increased energy and vitality, natural vitamins for energy should be included. The best vitamins to take for energy would be high in the B complex since these nutrients are involved directly in the Krebs energy cycle. Once a full-spectrum supplement has been introduced, we can then add specific targeted nutrients that address hair, skin, and nails. Check back next month for info on the vitamins for skin.
Source, WebMD

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