More Vaccination Dangers

The chiropractic industry has been speaking out against most vaccinations as being dangerous for several decades. While I tend to agree with some exceptions I do think that it is interesting to put the vaccination issue in perspective. Recently the news media in North Carolina created fear frenzy over a few shark attacks in their state this past week. People are cancelling their summer vacations to the area out of fear.

Fear is often misplaced however. While the media focuses our attention on sharks, snakes, spiders, and other creatures that creates a panic, the number of deaths from all these creatures is about 183 per year. This includes sharks, alligators, bears, snakes, spiders, cows, dogs, bees, and other mammals.
Compare this to the number of deaths from vaccinations, which averages 39,000 per year!!

The problem with this type of select reporting is that it takes our attention away from what can be serious threats to our lives and focuses us instead on 1 or 2 shark deaths per year!

I’m not saying that all vaccinations are bad but it is wise to assess benefit vs. risk. If there is an outbreak in your area of some contagious condition a vaccination and their risks may be wise but why vaccinate for something that hasn’t been an issue for decades?

Better still would be to strengthen and boost your own internal immune system so you are better prepared to defend yourself against these bugs on your own.
We routinely use a formula we developed for immune support and it has helped keep thousands of people from catching colds the flu and other opportunistic bugs.

It’s called ImmuGuard and it may be obtained from ImmuGuard

For further information on the role of keeing your immune system healthy see my video at the link below:

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