Menopause & Stress

Menopause & Stress – Complications of the menopause have their origin in several internal imbalances. Firstly there is the imbalance of hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone. Most women in the menopause with symptoms are estrogen dominant, which is why giving estrogen drugs has been both dangerous and ineffective, leading to many complications including specific cancers. Balancing sex hormones is therefore the key. The best way to address this is with natural nutrients and compounds that the body can use to make whatever hormones it needs while not over dosing in those already often in excess. One of the most powerful hormone precursor agents is called pregnenolone. When combined with other nutrients and herbal extracts we can provide the body with everything it needs to balance hormone levels on its own.

We also know that excess stress can throw a menopausal woman into fits of night sweats, mood swings, and hot flashes. This is because the stress response cycle exhausts the adrenal glands, putting the body into a state of chemical crisis. The symptoms of the menopause are very similar to the symptom for the fight or flight syndrome produced with excess stress on the adrenal glands. The process is so close that we need to address both situations in order to help the body get its chemistry back in order For this reason whenever we have a client who is in the menopause and is under excessive stress we pair the MenoEze formula with our StressEze formula.

Doing this often helps bring the woman’s body chemistry back into line much faster while helping to relieve the insomnia and other symptoms of stress overload consider combining these two concepts if you are experiencing the side effects of the menopause. The results can be amazing!! Next month we will have articles on Cholesterol Awareness Month so check back and make sure to watch my latest video Exposing Nutrition Myths Part 2 of 2.

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