Menopause Awareness Month

September is Menopause Awareness Month and this is particularly important to me as I have been fighting to save women from the possible horrors of Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) due to the many side effects including several types of cancers. For decades women were given high amounts of estrogen hormone to control their menopausal symptoms. This was devastating since most women in the menopause are already estrogen dominant and need no more. The end result was an epidemic of ovarian cancer. Eventually the drug companies began offering multifaceted HRT and this helped one problem but created another. While this lowered the incidence of ovarian cancer dramatically it caused an epidemic of breast cancer, the effects of which are still being felt by women today.

All of this is a sad story simply because it could have been avoided. The majority of women in the menopause are in need of progesterone and not estrogen. By simply switching the HRT to focus on progesterone instead of estrogen millions of cases of cancer in women of this age group could have been prevented. Why did this not happen? There are likely several factors involved in that answer but I am sure one of those deciding factors was the fact that progesterone is not patent-able and as such no one wanted to use it.

Lastly, there are all natural nutrients and extracts that can often eliminate the need for HRT altogether by supporting the body’s own ability to produce and regulate hormone balances. In an upcoming article we will be addressing those natural factors and how you can incorporate them in your life with safe and effective results. If you are taking HRT be sure you know exactly what is in the formula you are being given. Question the safety of these powerful drugs and consider the possibility of using natural alternatives. Next month articles on Immune Health Awareness Month will be coming so check back soon.

Dr Whiting on Menopause
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