Managing & Reversing type II Diabetes

As many of you who follow my work know, we have specialized in the natural management of type II Diabetes now for over 30 years. This illness while in some cases, is genetic/heredity, is mostly due to lifestyle indiscretions. Too many refined carbohydrates and sugars together with little physical activity can be the biggest contributor.

Another major cause of this condition is the deficiency of key nutrients such as chromium and vanadium. Specific antioxidants, fatty acids, and even vitamin C can a play a role in the onset of diabetes if they are deficient for prolonged periods of time.

Here at our research center we take a multi-faceted approach to diabetes, with diet regulation, exercise, and of course supplying the key nutrients that the body needs to control both blood sugar and insulin levels. The formula we use in this instance is called GlucoCrave Xtreme and it’s available from Phoenix Nutritionals at 1-800-440-2390. Check back next month for information on my Weight Management Revolution Kickstarter Campaign and make sure to check out my video about it The Weight Management Revolution and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter at the links below.

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