Low Fat Diets for High Cholesterol

We have all seen the headlines, low fat diets for high cholesterol. Cholesterol is one of the most misunderstood substances in the body. It is essential for hundreds of functions. So important is it that the body actually manufactures about 80% of all the cholesterol in your body. The medical profession even in the light of proof that cholesterol does NOT cause heart disease keeps scaring people with the fears of elevated cholesterol. I talk about this more in my video Cholesterol Management and check out an amazing success story below:

Cholesterol lowering:

As part of their program to drive cholesterol levels down, even to very unsafe levels, doctors often recommend that their patients go on a low fat diet. The low fat diet, over time, can be very dangerous and damaging to your metabolism. Low fat diets which I talk about in my special report Controlling Cholesterol and Triglycerides can cause serious deficiencies of key nutrients, which require fat for their metabolism. A low fat diet slows down your resting metabolic rate so if you are also overweight you may find weight loss harder and harder the longer you follow that type of diet program.

Consider the negatives of a low fat diet and factor that in with the fact that you don’t actually “eat” cholesterol as the majority of this substance is manufactured in the liver. There is NO evidence that a low fat diet actually lowers cholesterol levels in the long run in any case. The less cholesterol you consume from diet the more the liver will make, you can take my Personal Nutrition Evaluation to see if Cholesterol might be a problem for you.

The best way to address elevated cholesterol is by supporting healthy liver function with key nutrients. These nutrients actually help “teach” the liver to regulate cholesterol production on its own. The formula we developed for this issue is called Cholest-Eze and may be obtained from Phoenix Nutritionals by call 1-800-440-2390 you can check out the Clinical References for Cholest-Eze here. Also, check back often for more information on Low Fat Diets for High Cholesterol coming soon.

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