How to lose weight?

The phrase ”how to lose weight” and “how to lose belly fat” are among the top 10 searched phrases on Google. Despite this there are more overweight people and obese than ever before in history. When we talk about how to lose weight, we are talking about some form of dietary restriction and perhaps to increase physical activity. There are many programs available some of them certainly are more effective than others, but the problem really lies with us. We are all looking for that magic pill, that magic program or that effortless diet that will make us thin and trim with the bare minimum of effort. Since such programs do not exist, obesity is epidemic. So, let us consider how we might design a program to lose belly fat and overall to lose weight the most effective way possible.

In addition to dietary restrictions there are many nutrients that can help with weight loss in several different ways. The first way is to lower blood sugar and insulin levels in the overweight and obese. It is excess insulin production, caused by diet of exceedingly large proportions of refined carbohydrates that can be the number one menace in preventing weight loss effectively. The best way to control blood sugar is by restricting carbohydrate intake, but since that is relatively impractical for many, nutrients come to the rescue. Natural diabetes supplements and supplements to control appetite as well as blood sugar supplements all fall in the same category. Another serious problem when reducing carbohydrate intake is the intense craving for sugars. We know how to stop sugar cravings with nutritional supplements. In fact, they are again, the same nutrients that we would use for this entire scenario.

Another area to consider when optimizing your weight loss program is regular detoxification. A liver detox and an overall body detox will help to mobilize fat storage and make your metabolism more efficient and more effective. The best detox cleanse would address not only the liver but all the organs of elimination including the kidneys, the bowel, the bladder, and of course the colon. A colon cleanse alone is not usually sufficient because the majority of toxins that enter your body must be managed by the liver. By using a multifaceted detox supplement, we can create a detox cleanse for weight loss.

In addition to these supportive supplements we always recommend that anyone dieting use a full-spectrum supplement that provides the 100+ nutrients known to be essential for optimal wellness. Not doing this can put the body in various states of nutrient deficiency. When this occurs, the body sees the lack of nutrients as a form of starvation and slows your metabolism to conserve calories and energy. If we want a dietary supplement that addresses all the factors such as appetite control, mood support, and energy vitamins, it is essential that we utilize a full-spectrum multivitamin formula. Lastly, if you have been struggling to lose weight perhaps you are using the wrong approach for your body’s own chemistry. Here at our Institute we can help identify the best type of program for your body chemistry. Simply go to our testing page and fill out our weight management evaluation. We will contact you to discuss your answers and make sure to check back next month for more info on How to lose belly fat fast.

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