Liquid Vitamins Absorb Better

Here in our research center we are often asked the question about absorption. There are three basic ways in which supplements are provided to the human body; through tablets, capsules, and liquid delivery systems. Each of these has their potential benefit but some of them are less desirable than others under most circumstances. Generally speaking tablets are the least absorbed. This is because the tableting process compresses nutrients so tightly as to resemble rock-like substances, which are often very hard to break down digest and absorb, especially for people over the age of 40. Capsules can be a convenient an ideal way to deliver nutrients for a specific purpose, such as for arthritis, diabetes, inflammation, cholesterol support, and others.

If the gelatin capsules are micro thin they can be broken down in the stomach at 100°F in as little as two minutes. This provides access to the nutrients relatively quickly, allowing them to be absorbed through the stomach wall and later through the small intestine. Lastly, we have liquid deliveries. These are far less frequent simply due to the chemistry problem they create. Nutrients in a liquid form often can become highly reactive one with the other, and cause interactions and a breakdown of certain nutrients. Since water is the universal catalyst, it can accelerate chemical reactions 100 times faster than we might expect.

When assembling a liquid delivery system many factors must be taken into consideration. These include buffering, enteric coating, and insulation, and ratios, one nutrient to the other. When these factors are considered and implemented liquid delivery supplements can provide the maximum absorption in a minimum amount of time. These formulas can serve as healthy aging supplements, stress supplements, energy, and metabolism supplements, while being the best supplements for both men and women. Our full-spectrum formula not only addresses all of these concerns but also serves as the best vitamins for energy and likely the best liquid supplement available, since our current formulation includes over 136 nutrients to the living system of the human body. Check back next month for more information about Liquid Vitamins Absorb Better at any age.