How To Know What Supplements I Need?

This is a question asked, rightfully so, by many. When you go into a health food store there are hundreds if not thousands of products, each claiming to be “essential”. When seeking a supplement program the first place to start is with a good multi-formula that can serve as a men’s vitamin, a women’s vitamin, as well as also be an energy vitamin formula. Another consideration also is that many aging individuals may also want a healthy aging supplement and certainly an energy supplement. The best place to start is selecting a supplement that provides the 100+ nutrients known to be essential for all of these factors. Stress supplements would be the B-complex. Energy supplements would include several minerals. The good thing is that if you select a supplement that provides the 100+ nutrients you will be getting all these in a balanced formula.

The next consideration is the form of supplement. Tablets are the least absorbed, especially after age 40. Capsules are excellent as they dissolve in a few minutes. The best delivery system for maximum absorption and energy is a liquid form. If you begin with a Full Spectrum supplement such as this, you will cover the base line with a single healthy tonic. Once this is done additional key nutrients may then be added based on nutritional testing, to provide further support on an as needed basis. Testing for nutrient status is available from our Institute. Go to our testing page and fill out any of our surveys. We will contact you to discuss your answers and make sure to check back next month for more information on How to lose belly fat fast.

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