It’s Time to Boost the Immune System Again

Every Fall season brings the dreaded cold and flu season along with it. In many parts of the country September is already turning to the Fall so it’s the best time to begin thinking about boosting and nourishing your internal defense system.

We often ignore our immune health, taking it for granted and expecting it will always protect us. The truth is that your immune system can get tired and as a result respond slowly to invading microbes. When this happens, your chances of catching a cold or the flu increase tremendously. We recommend that everyone consider giving their immune system a boost during September and October so that it might be in the best possible condition to protect you over the winter months.

Your Immune System -Why It Fails & How to Fix It

Our research into nutrients that both nourish and boost the immune system has revealed several key targeted nutrients shown to be of benefit. These nutrients may be found together in the right potency and ratio for maximum effectiveness in our formula called ImmuGuard.

We suggest you consider taking 2 capsules of this formula 3 times per day for 30 days as a preventive and immune support. You can obtain this formula here: ImmuGuard or call them at 1-800-440-2390.

To learn more about your immune system and how to take care of it watch my video at the link below:

Dr Whiting on The Immune System
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