So far this season the flu has been more rampant and much more dangerous than in decades past. We are told by the centers for disease control that the flu season is far from over and it may run as late as the middle or end of May. This is why natural immune boosters that can boost the immune system are not only beneficial but essential this season. If you’re wanting to know how to boost the immune system naturally we use a variety of herbal extracts as well as plant extracts to help both nourish the immune system and strengthen it at the same time. The best nutrients for the immune system would include all of these factors in one formula. Immune system boosters must also have nourishing factors because if you over stimulate the immune system without nourishing it, it can result in immune fatigue or suppression.

Another gland that is indirectly involved in your immunity is your thyroid. If you have a deficient thyroid you need to consider supplementing with tyrosine, an amino acid, as well as natural iodine from sea kelp. The best thyroid supplement would contain both of these factors in one convenient formula, making up an excellent natural thyroid treatment. Thyroid support through thyroid supplements is well documented and has been used in various ways for a great many years. In March we will have more information about immune system boosters and make sure to listen to these amazing testimonials. Check out all of Dr Whiting’s Chronic Disease Special Reports.

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