The immune system is designed to protect you from a wide variety of potential pathogens. These bugs, which can be present almost anywhere, should not be a general threat to your health and well-being providing that your immune system is functioning properly. Vitamins for the immune system would include vitamin C and to a lesser extent the B complex. Vitamin A is also essential for good immune protection because of its positive effect on the mucosal linings of the body.

Immune system boosters would also include a variety of herbal extracts as well as a combination of mycelial mushroom extracts. If you get more than one cold every two or three years or worse yet the flu, it is an indication that your immune system may be struggling to protect you. The best nutrients for the immune system would be a combination of these factors, hence both boosting and nourishing the immune system from several different angles. Immune recovery is possible in most cases but unfortunately our lifestyles and habits work against a healthy immune system. Excess stress, lack of sleep, and a poor diet each whittle away at your immune system’s ability to protect you.

If you are interested in how to produce a healthy immune system naturally consider using a broad-spectrum immune boosting supplement. The best ones would include nutrients that not only stimulate immune function but also actually nourish the immune system, keeping it strong into the future.

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Source, Healthy Information

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